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​V1 Release iPhone Enterprise app, WAND


Most-used features for Fortune 100 Managers to source talent on-the-go, plus some features for Workers


V1 Release iPhone Enterprise app, WAND
Most-used features for Fortune 100 Hiring Managers on-the-go with just their iPhone, instead of having to open their laptop
Some features for Workers

PRO Unlimited is a Managed Services Provider (MSP) in contingent workforce management--handling compliance, contractor classifications, and Vendor Management (VMS). Clients are typically large Fortune 100 corporations.


When a Hiring Manager needs a contract worker, they're going through PRO Unlimited (not HR). PRO Unlimited sources the REQ only to those vendors who specialize in that particular skill set, restricts vendors to 3-5 candidate submissions per REQ, and regularly audits vendors. Timecards for contract workers are done through PRO Unlimited, approved by the hiring manager--then relayed to the vendor who pays the contract worker.

PRO Unlimited is both a Managed Services Provider (MSP) and a Vendor Management System (VMS) for contingent workforce solutions.

WAND is PRO Unlimited's Enterprise web application tool that had recently undergone a refresh. The goal was to create an abbreviated V1 version of WAND for iPhone of frequently-used features for Managers and Workers


The primary goal was to make it easier for Managers to accomplish frequent tasks on-the-go, just using their iPhone.


For example, a Manager who is Head of Engineering is likely hiring for the same Software Engineering roles over and over again. Let's make it EASY!

Allow the Manager to:

  • Re-use previous REQs, changing a few pieces of info as needed.

  • Start a new REQ and Save As Draft until ready.

  • If Manager suddenly needed to hire for a different role (say, a Business Analyst) allow the use of Template REQs, changing a few pieces of info as needed vs. drafting new REQ entirely from scratch.

  • Review Candidates submitted to a REQ and decide to Accept, Reject, Schedule Interview, Questions for Vendor, etc.

  • Approve Timecards and Approve Expenses submitted by Workers.

  • Approve Budgetary Requests.

  • Extend or End contract durations.

This way, if a Manager hears of a new project on the horizon, they could be proactive by starting some REQ Drafts from their iPhone while it's fresh in their mind vs. waiting until they were in front of their desktop/laptop. Likewise, the convenience and efficiency of accomplishing other frequent tasks via their iPhone.

Allow the Worker to:

  • Enter Timecard

  • Enter Expenses

  • Reminder & Status notices on the above.

Longer-term, 10-months timeframe.
I was a Lead UX Designer/Architect serving 2 Product Managers.
Outside consulting firm initially part of the mix.
V1 Release iPhone Enterprise app, WAND, for Managers and Workers.
Worked with Product in getting troubled project back-on-track in aftermath of outside consulting firm being let-go.
Work Desk


Lead UX Designer/Architect Consultant

Collaborated with:

  • 2 Product Managers in SF office

  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

  • Discovery UX Research interviews with MSPs (the onsite PRO Unlimited Reps)

  • Executive-level end-users

  • SCRUM Master, Engineering, and QA teams

  • Outside consulting firm


Due to complexity of project, ALL screens were given unique Alpha-Numeric Codes, in addition to their screen names. This ensured ALL Team Members were “on the same page”. SCRUM Master LOVED IT!


MANAGER: View New Candidates Submitted to a REQ


When it comes to Enterprise applications--and especially on Mobile--one needs to balance a simple intuitive interface, with the complexity of detailed information being made available--so that users can make informed decisions. The way to achieve this is "divide & conquer": Balance a simple intuitive interface with the ability to drill-down for detailed information as necessary.

Here the Hiring Manager is able to Sort by Candidates or Sort by REQ#. When reviewing details about a Candidate, this included modular breakdowns of important information, along with a copy of their resume in PDF. Granted, we didn't expect many hiring managers to view a PDF resume on their iPhone. On the other hand, suppose that hiring manager is on a commuter train--it's quicker to pinch/zoom on that resume to get those answers now vs. having to lug out their laptop (or wait until later).

Better to have a feature and not need it--than to need it and not have it.

Business, iphone, office, man, hands, de


Of the 4 key user groups (Managers, Workers, MSPs, and Vendors), V1 iPhone focused only on Managers & Workers

The bulk of the features and functionality were on the Manager side, whereas Worker was simpler.

A Hiring Manager is likely using the same REQs over and over again. This V1 iPhone app would allow the Manager to Start a Draft on a REQ, reuse a previous REQ (change some info), etc. If Manager needed a REQ for a role they've never hired for before, they could use template draft for that REQ and change a few pieces of info and submit (much easier than creating new REQ from scratch).


The primary goal here was to make it easier for Managers to accomplish frequent tasks on-the-go, just using their iPhone.

Manager features included:

  • Authentication/Login

  • Navigation

  • Home

  • Approvals: Timecards; Expenses; Requests (Headcount, Financial, Project); Engagements (Change Orders, Threshold, and Feedback).

  • Candidates & Quotes: Candidates (View New, Profile/Details, Request Interview, Assign/Reject), Quotes (New, Details, Assign/Reject), Postings (Staffing, Direct Hire, Managed Services), Project (New, Details, Description, Supplier List, Assign/Reject, Billing, Approvals), My Workforce (Engagement Details, Job Details, Billing, Approvals), Managed Services (Details, Description, Billing, Approvals);

  • Create Request: (Create New, Create from Previous, Project Request, Rate Estimator);

  • Notifications: (Alerts, Upcoming Interviews, Engagement Starts/Ends, Settings);

  • Search: (Keyword/Name/Role, Number/Engagement, Delegate Records).



Worker features included:

  • Home

  • Timecard (entry & submittal; edit rejected)

  • Expense (Travel & Non-Travel, entry & submittal; edit rejected)

  • Notifications

Mock up of a man holding device and touc

MANAGER: Candidates


  • Assign

  • Reject

  • Request Information

  • Request Interview

When reviewing Candidates submitted to a REQ, the Manager had the ability to:

  • Assign – If candidate had rare skill set, Manager might not even want to wait to schedule an interview, and instead immediately “assign” candidate to that REQ, ASAP!

  • Reject – Dropdown list of reasons. NO freeform text input, due to risk of potential liability.

  • Request Information -- Freeform text input -> goes to Vendor

  • Request Interview -- Phone screen or in-person w/ scheduling options.

Image by Oleg Ivanov


The majority of features and complexity of the V1 Release for WAND iPhone existed on the Manager side (i.e., Create Request, Candidates & Quotes, Approvals, Notifications, etc.).


Worker features were simpler (i.e., Enter Time, Enter Expenses, etc.).



Visual Design skins were done by a dedicated Visual Designer, based off the wireframes.


The Design Process

UX Research & Discovery sessions with PRO Unlimited's MSP Reps (who work onsite at PRO Unlimited’s large corporate clients) brought valuable insights into their roles, plus the overall MSP process.

Resident Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) provided a wealth of information on the intricacies of WAND--including regulations, legal precautions, etc.

Executive-level end users provided insights into sections of the application that they would typically use (i.e., Budgetary Approvals).

User Task Flows helped map out processes for complex tasks, on both the Manager and Worker side.

Preliminary pencil sketches were sometimes used to hash-out ideas (before diving into the wireframes) as were brainstorming whiteboard sessions with Product.

Wireframe screens exported to Axure for interactive prototypes for Product & Engineering.

Given the depth and scope of this project

  • Wireframes were batched according to User & Function (vs one giant document). For example, Manager: Approvals: Timecards.

  • In addition to the screen names, I also gave the screens unique Alpha-Numeric codes to ensure all team members were on-the-same-page.

  • SCRUM Master LOVED it!! He said, "These are some of The Best wireframes I've ever seen; I know EXACTLY what's going on!"


MANAGER : Approvals : Hourly Timecards


  • Approve All

  • Reject All

  • Selectively Approve or Reject


  • OverTime Hours – system noted by orange OT

  • DoubleTime Hours – system noted by red DT

  • Approved Time indicated by green ✅

  • Rejected Time indicated by red X



  • Carousel swipe – of individual days

  • Rejections – prompted text input of reason for rejection

Using a Touch Phone

WORKER : Travel Expense : Edit Rejected Expense


If Worker submitted Travel Expenses that were Rejected by the Manager:

  • Sent back to Worker with request to edit rejected expense(s) and resubmit for Manager approval.

Rejection reasons might include:

  • Perhaps the Travel Expense didn’t include the receipt?

  • Perhaps a Meal Expense exceeded allowed amounts, but was for 2 Workers?


Worker had the opportunity to fix rejected expenses and resubmit for Approval.

Back view of female colleagues in formal



In the aftermath of outside consulting firm being let-go, collaborated 1-on-1 with Product in getting troubled project back-on-track. There was work that needed to be redone, brought-up to higher standards, plus additional work, and trying to make-up for lost time.

Fortunately, she was one of THE BEST Product Managers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with! We were both strong personalities and straight-shooters! Therefore, when her and I worked 1-on-1 we plowed through so much and Got Stuff DONE!!! No longer hindered by the outside consulting firm, we accomplished so much--even while under enormous pressure.

All the "heavy lifting" in creating wireframes for V1 iPhone were later leveraged to create the Android & iPad versions.


Numerous updates have occurred to the WAND iPhone app since this V1 Release. However I'm extremely proud to have been a part of the iPhone V1 Release for this Global Managed Services Provider in the Contingent Workforce space.

PRO Unlimited still remains one of my all-time favorite projects for several reasons: Enterprise app, Native iPhone app, V1 Release, longer-term 10-months project, plus a great group of professionals to work with!



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