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Some of the work I'm most proud of

Enterprise UX is typically not "glamorous" work--not in the same way as glossy Visual Designs or personal projects.

The more complex the Enterprise application, the more akin to "a sausage-making process" it can be.

But the end result is worth it.

Especially when it means Enterprise users are able to Get Business Done in a timely and efficient manner.

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V1 Release of Oracle Cloud CPQ based application (Oracle JET UI) to replace legacy quoting app.

CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is a cloud commerce solution serving Internal (Sales) and External (Partners) users, enabling ~$6 billion in annual revenues

My Role

I was a UX Design Lead for the high-profile project.

Main Goal

Initial release of Configure, followed by subsequent releases of Price and Quote.

Fresh Salad

MVP Release of Inventory (responsive enterprise app) for Restaurant Managers & Regional Managers (mid-large restaurant chains). Inventory component part of end-to-end suite of enterprise apps for restaurant sector.

My Role

I was a Lead UX Designer/Architect for the 4-month MVP project.

Main Goal

MVP Release of Inventory enterprise app for Restaurant Managers.


Reduction of ~96,000 Customer Calls via improved online features.


V1 Releases of Waive Deposit + NEW payment options = over 75% sign-up rate.

Improved Customer Experience (CX) Strategies

My Role

I was a Lead CX Designer/Architect for multiple high-profile projects over 11-months.

Main Goal

Reduction in Customer Calls. V1 Release of Waive Deposit + new payment options.

Eco power. Wind turbines generating elec
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PRO Unlimited

V1 Release WAND enterprise iPhone app of most used features for Fortune 100 Managers to source talent on-the-go, plus some features for Workers.

My Role

I was the Lead UX Designer/Architect on the 10-month V1 high-profile project.

Main Goal

V1 Release WAND iPhone app for Fortune 100 Hiring Managers, plus Workers.

French Breakfast

​V1 Release of International Business Email for emerging markets (Brazil, Mexico, Turkey & India).


Productivity Solutions for Small & Medium Businesses, and Mid-Market Customers.

My Role

I was the Lead UX Architect for Mobile First Responsive Design, 5-months project.

Main Goal

V1 Release Int'l Business Email + Productivity Solutions for Small & Medium Businesses.



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