Laura Ellison

Specializing in iOS, Android and Responsive apps for Enterprise and eCommerce clients


Helping Companies Translate Their Business Goals Into Reality

Founder / Principal / UXD Consultant

My favorite part about being a UX Designer is finding simple solutions to complex issues, all while utilizing both analytical and creative thought processes.

Business Focus

From Startups to Fortune 100, different industries/sectors, the common denominator to all of my projects is that there's always a Business focus, whether B2B/Enterprise or B2C/eCommerce.


That Business focus has been my mantra from when I first started Leopard Design in the Bay Area in 1998, incorporating in 2000. No gaming, entertainment or social media projects here--that's in the "fun & games" realm of things, not Business.

Creative + Analytical

I've had that mix of Creative + Analytical going back to my formative years. My Bachelor's (U of M Dearborn) was a double major of Art History and Economics (two sets of friends on campus, no crossover) with a minor in Business. Then a Master's (Eastern Michigan) in Applied Economics (pure calculus, math doesn't scare me anymore).


Throughout, I've always had a creative streak with a business mindset.


Lived for just over a year in Germany (Braunschweig) and France (Paris).


Life without a script; an experience I'll always treasure.


The Automotive sector is an undeniably real world business (no virtual valuations here). As a Motor City native, I spent six years in the trenches of Automotive at Ford Motor Company as a Program Manager for prototype engine builds, and also as an Executive Assistant. Out of the many departments, divisions, and buildings I'd worked at within Ford, The Design Center was undoubtedly my favorite!

Automotive Tech

​I know both the Automotive and Tech sectors like the back of my hand, and they couldn't be more different. Automotive is incredibly complex, highly regulated, and at the end of the day a low margin business (always has, always will be). Conversely, Tech is not as complex as manufacturing (let alone automotive manufacturing), not regulated, and fairly high margin (for the amount of effort put into it). Thus, the emerging Automotive Tech space is an interesting intersection of Automotive and Tech.

Very interested in breaking into the Automotive Tech space!


In-dash touchscreen applications would be the perfect segue, leveraging my extensive mobile/tablet/touchscreen experience.

Collaborative + Self-Starter = Delivering Results

​Deep history of working with all major stakeholders including: Product, Engineering (Developers, QA, & SCRUM/Delivery Managers), UX Researchers, Marketing, Creatives (Visual Designers & Copywriters), Senior Management, and Business Partners.

Multiple successful product launches including V1 and MVP releases.

Beyond my core UX expertise, being a longtime small business owner is something extra I bring to the table--with perceptive insights on improving the user experience.

As my late father was color-blind, I'm sensitive to the challenges they face. Thus, I'm often uncovering UX shortcomings that need to be improved to better-serve all users, color-blind included.

Lengthy track record of hitting-the-ground-running and delivering results--even in uncertain environments. A straight-shooter who knows how to get things done.

* Yes, that's the legendary Art Deco skyscraper, The Guardian Building (1928) a National Historical Landmark, in the large image above next to the postmodern One Detroit Center, in downtown Detroit.



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